What is Agrello platform?

Agrello is a contract management and e-signing platform suitable for both personal and business use. Agrello platform allows you to manage your signing process, store signed documents, organise them to spaces etc.
How to build using Agrello platform? Public API You can leverage the Agrello features to integrate e-signing process to your application over Agrello public API.

Zapier integration

In addition to public API, you can build various automations using our Zapier integration. It allows you to connect hundreds of different software platforms with Agrello, making e-contracting even more powerful for you.

Example ideas

Simple e-signing for your online marketplace or SAAS

You can prepare contract files on your application and send them to Agrello platform to gather e-signatures from your customers. You can also use the template files stored in Agrello and simply fill in the variable fields and then send signature requests to counter parties.
Integrate ready-made legal contract templates in Agrello with your CRM, so that once the deal is moved between the stages the respective contracts are automatically created, signers added and invitations sent out to collect the signatures.

Include signed contracts to your company ERP

Have always up to date list of the contracts managed in Agrello within your company ERP. Check the statuses of the contracts and have the ultimate source of truth right under your fingertips.
These are just a few examples of how to use Agrello API.
Last modified 11mo ago