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How can I buy DLT?

DLT is a Blockchain-based cryptographic token that can be exchanged for other cryptographic tokens and cryptocurrencies on 3rd party digital asset exchange sites.

Where can I buy DLT?

Currently, DLT is being traded on following digital exchanges:

How to buy DLT on an exchange?

In order to buy DLT-s you need to set up an account in one of those exchanges. Agrello DLT can only be exchanged against Bitcoins. Different exchanges have different options, but usually the process involves:
  • Set up an account on exchange
  • Pass the identity verification
  • If exchange allows it (eg. on Binance) you need to buy Bitcoins first using fiat currency (eg. USD or EUR). Otherwise you need to buy Bitcoin from some other exchange and transfer it to the exchanges listed above.
  • Finally you can convert your Bitcoin to DLT