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How can I store DLT assets?

In most of such wallets, the token account must be set up using DLT ERC-20 contract address, which is 0x07e3c70653548b04f0a75970c1f81b4cbbfb606f.
One of the most used services providing a personal cryptocurrency/ctyptotoken wallet is Metamask.
For this example, we are using Metamask Mobile application.

Step 1: Install Metamask

In Apple App store or Google Play, look for Metamask. Install Metamask and open it. You should end up in the wallet page, where there’s a button “+Add tokens”
Installing MetaMask

Step 2: Add DLT

Select Custom Tokens and start by entering DLT token address:

Step 3 - Receive tokens

Use your public address to direct tokens to your wallet.
You are ready to store DLT tokens on your Metamask wallet. There are many other wallet providers on the market. With most of them the process is simlar.