How to create a template using Microsoft Word?
Learn how to create fillable fields in your Word document using curly brackets.
An Agrello template can be easily created using Microsoft Word. Of course, you can prepare your template also in Google Docs, Open Office, or some other text editing software as long as you can save it in Docx format.

What is an Agrello template?

Templates are a handy shortcut for creating documents or contracts that are reused frequently and where the content does not change that much. For example, NDAs, application forms, terms and conditions, and simple sales contracts.
In essence, the template is a simple Docx file, where you have added dynamic fields marked with {{curly_brackets}}.
These fields can later be filled with data once you create a new document based on that template.

Create a field with {{curly_brakets}}

To create a field in your Word document, you need to insert the field name starting with {{ then add the field name and end with }} to your text where the field should be.
Choose an understandable field name using only alphabet characters, numbers, and underscores, for example {{Company_1_name}} and {{Company_2_name}} for two counterparties.
Download an example template to see how it works:
Non-Disclosure Agreement-AG-demo.docx
11.03.2022 update
As we have witnessed some corner case errors when handling Word DOCX fields marked with {{curly_brackets}} we need to implement a few restrictions on using fields in Word documents.
Use only alphanumeric characters inside the curly brackets: A_Z, a-z, 0-9 and underscores.
  • {{first_name}}
  • {{company_name}}
  • {{0_day_clause}}
  • {{First Name}}
  • {{Name & Position}}
  • {{Name&Position}}
  • {{Äriregistri_number}}
Using text formatting inside or partially inside the curly bracket is not allowed. If you want to use text formatting, enclose the whole field with it.
  • {{emphasized_text_field}}
  • {{partially_emphasized_text_field}}
! Please review the existing template files, and make sure they don’t use incorrect syntax. You can download the template file, update the fields in Word and create a new template with correct syntax!
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