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How to use Agrello templates

Agrello templates can be used for:
  • Quickly creating documents where only a few fields need to be changed
  • Creating application forms that people need to fill before signing
  • Integrating the Agrello platform with other tools over Zapier

Creating a document from the template

Once you have uploaded and finalised your template on the Agrello platform you can start using it to create documents.
You’ll find all your documents under the My templates section.
It's also possible to create templates under Spaces -> Templates.
You can click on the options menu right from the list to create a new document from the template. Additionally, you can create an ASIC container from the template.
When you click on a Create document from template button the new document is created and you are directed to the new screen.
The first step is to assign the signature fields to the signers.
Simply add the signer emails to the respective signature fields.
The next step is to fill in the fields. Click on the Fields tab on the left side of the screen.
Here you can see all the dynamic fields that were inside the template and that need to be filled. You can fill in the fields using the form on the left side of the screen.
Optionally, you can send the document out (click on Send for Signing button on the top right) so that the signer can fill the necessary fields.
And that’s it!