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What makes Agrello signatures eIDAS compliant?

According to eIDAS regulation, an advanced electronic signatures need to fulfil four criteria:
It is uniquely linked to the signatory Agrello signatures are created with the private key inside Agrello app that is mathematically linked to the public key of the signatory, where a standard validation formula can be used to prove its validity.
It is capable of identifying the signatory The public key of Agrello digital identity is mathematically tied with the identity verification session and the same identity verification session can be tied with only one Agrello account.
It is created using electronic signature creation data that the signatory can, with a high level of confidence, use under his sole control The user identity is linked to the device of the user, while the private keys are also generated and stored only in that device and are protected by PIN-codes that are set by the user.
It is linked to the data signed therewith in such a way that any subsequent change in the data is detectable Agrello uses ASiC-E signature container format (.asic) including the XAdES signature standard put down by ETSI to prevent tampering the original signed digital file.