Recovery phrase on Android
The use of recovery phrase originates from crypto wallets and it is essentially a human readable form of your private keys, which is usually displayed as a random 12-word phrase.
Using a recovery phrase is the most secure way to recover your account after you have lost your phone or forgot your PIN code. This way we can restore access to all of your data, including your identity verification data. Otherwise you can reset your account and you will have to go through identity verification again. Read more about recovery process and using a recovery phrase to recover your account here.
Recovery phrase on Android
On Agrello Android app you have the opportunity to access the backup code anytime you like at the main screen. You need to insert your PIN code to access the recovery phrase. Please store this code in a safe place, where only you can access it and bare in mind that screenshot is not the best option.‍
PS! It is important to remember the recovery phrase in the exact same order and also use spaces in between.
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