What is a PIN code?
Agrello app is different from many other apps, because essentially it is password-less. However, to keep your signatures safe and digital identity protected we ask to create PINs.
You will be asked to create a PIN code on mobile apps, before signing your first document. The PIN code is a 6-digit numeric code used for signing and confirming actions.
Currently, there is no way to change your PIN code inside the app, so we advise you to create a numeric combination based on your preferences and remember it by heart!
You can also enable biometrics to speed up the process - that way you don’t have to enter the PIN code every time you sign or confirm something. Enabling biometrics can be done during onboarding or later under your Account → Settings. Biometrics can also be turned off at any time.
In case you have lost the phone or forgotten your PIN-code, the private key becomes unusable. The only option to create a new PIN code is to recover your account. Read more about the recovery process here.
PS! The cool thing is that your PIN code is tied to your visual signature and every time you sign a document by entering your PIN code or using biometrics instead, your visual signature will also be attached to the document - as if you had signed it by hand!
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