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Connecting a new mobile device

Agrello allows you to connect multiple mobile devices to your account
If you like using Agrello web app, but would like to access your documents on the go from your mobile device, then you can always connect a new device to your account. You can also add multiple devices, which comes in handy when you have many phones (like one for work and one for private), but it also helps when you want to sell your old phone and “transfer” access keys to a new phone.


  • Log in to the Agrello web app here.
  • Go to AccountSettings and devices.
  • Press Add new device.

  • A dialog opens up with a QR and numeric code.
  • Open Agrello mobile app on your device.
  • Press Connect new device
  • Scan QR code or enter numeric code manually.
  • Device is added to your account and you can see and manage the list of devices on the web app under Account → Settings and devices.
Congratulations! Now you can manage and sign your documents on your mobile device.