How do I create and sign documents on web app?
Getting a document signed is quite simple. It takes a mere minute to set up the document and send the signature requests out.
There are 4 steps in the process.
Log in to the web app and simply click on the new document button in the upper-left corner.
A new document screen opens, allowing you to add files to be signed as well as people who need to sign or simply view the signed document.
You can as many files to the document as you like. Also, you can remove the files and upload new versions of them until the document is not yet signed by anyone.
In addition, you can add people to the document. They can be signers or viewers. And of course, you can delete the document, if you don’t want to keep it.
Pro tip: If you want to engage the stakeholders early on in the process, but do not yet want them to sign the document, add them simply as viewers, and then everybody has access to the document to be signed. Once the document is agreed upon, simply convert viewers to signers.

Click on the “Add files” action button on the toolbar and drag and drop the files to the document. You can sign multiple files within one document if you want.
Agrello supports all the most common document types, as well as other file formats. It’s easy to sign contracts and Excel tables at the same time.

It's time to add signers after you've uploaded the files. Unlike some other electronic signature providers, you do not need to drag the signing fields, since the digital signature refers to the entire document. Based on the people who have actually signed the document, an automatic signature page is created.
All you have to do in your text is clearly mention the signers' names.
In order to add the signer, click on Add people action button and type in the email of the signer.

You can sign the document by clicking on the Sign button on the toolbar.
Confirming signature using Agrello app.
You must validate your signature from the.ID app if you have it installed. The confirmation code is shown after you press the Sign button. Please double-check your.ID app right now. If the same code appears in the app, approve your signature by entering your PIN code (or using biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or face recognition).
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