Preparing documents on Android
Agrello mobile app allows you to prepare documents for signing without leaving the mobile app.

1. Create a document

  • Tap the Create document button either on Home screen or under Documents menu.
  • Browse resources on your Android device and upload files you want to get signed from Google Drive, Dropbox, your phone etc.
  • Agrello app allows you to sign any type of files and it is not restricted to any specific file type like most of other electronic signature solutions.
  • Your document will automatically be renamed after the first document you uploaded.

2. Rename the document

Before publishing your document, we advise you to review the document name and rename it if necessary. It will be visible to all your invited parties.
  • Tap the document name
  • Type in a new name for the document
  • Press Rename to confirm

3. Invite signers or viewers

After uploading files and renaming the document it’s time to invite signers
  • Click on the + button and choose Request signature to invite signers.
  • Add the email of the signer.
  • Press Invite.
  • Click on the + button and choose Add viewer to invite someone to view the document.
  • Add the email of the viewer.
  • Press Invite.

4. Publish the document

In order to send out invitations to your signers and viewers you need to publish the document. This means that you are no longer able to change the content files of this document.
  • You can add more signers after publishing.
  • You can add more viewers after publishing.
  • You can remove signers after publishing only before they have signed the document.
  • You can remove viewers after publishing.
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1. Create a document
2. Rename the document
3. Invite signers or viewers
4. Publish the document