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Accepting space invitations

Read more on what to do when you are invited to collaborate in a team space.
You will be notified by a new space invitation via email with a direct link to the space. To avoid spamming and unwanted documents or spaces ending up on your account we have introduced an invitations logic that requires you to accept or decline the invitation before you become a member of that space.​​‍

Web app

On Agrello web app you will see a blue notification icon behind the invitations menu on the left sidebar. Click on invitations to see your list of invitations. Click on the checkmark behind the space name to accept the invitation.‍

Mobile apps


On Android mobile app you will see a red notification behind Documents tab and inside your documents also behind the hamburger menu at the top left corner. Click on invitations menu to open the invitation. Click on the space name to see who else is collaborating on that space. Go back and click on 3-dots button to accept it. Now you will see all the documents listed in that space.​​​‍


On iPhone all your invitations are visible on home screen. If you click on a space invitation you can continue by pressing the button Accept invite. Now you are a member of that space.‍​​‍