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How to create a space?

Learn how to create a space to arrange your documents

Web app

On our Agrello web app spaces appear on the left bar menu. You can create space by clicking on the button + Create new and choosing Space For future reference spaces will be illustrated with the icon #. You can rename the space by clicking on the default title New Space. You can start creating documents in the space by pressing the button in the middle Create a document. You can also add any existing document to that space.

Mobile apps


On Android mobile app spaces are visible under My Documents menu → left upper corner hamburger menu.You can start creating a space by pressing the button + Create a space. Give the space a name and continue by pressing Create. Now the space will appear under your list of spaces and you can start adding documents there.
On iPhone there is an extra menu for # Spaces. Under there you can see a list of all your spaces. To create a new space click on + Create space, give the space a name and press Confirm to finish. Now the space is ready to be used.