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What are spaces?

In short, Spaces is a feature, that allows you to group your documents and share it with your team or partners.
There are different ways you may want to group your documents - by types of deals, client names, or even dates and sometimes the same document needs to belong to two or more groups.
Each Space has a built-in KANBAN-like board that divides documents into Drafts, In Progress, and Signed based on their signing status. That's what Spaces is all about - giving you a better overview of all your documents and giving you the freedom to organise.
Spaces can also be considered as virtual data rooms, in which you can collaborate with your teammates or business partners on a project and keep track of documents that need to be signed.
Another important feature is that a document can belong to multiple Spaces at the same time. This way one document can be shared with multiple groups of partners or collaborators.
Spaces are free to use. So you can create as many Spaces as you want and sort your personal and business documents separately.
Spaces are available on Agrello web app and both iOS and Android mobile apps.
Get an in-depth overview of the feature of Spaces and how to use it by browsing through our support articles on
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