Connecting Account

Here are the steps of connecting your Agrello account to Zapier
Whenever you add the Agrello app first time to your Zaps, you need to authenticate and grant permissions to Zapier to work with your documents and spaces.

Agrello authentication methods

Agrello Zapier integration supports two authentication methods:
  • one-time sign-in code sent to your email
  • 2FA using Agrello mobile app
Agrello does not use stored passwords for security reasons. You can read more about it from here.

Sign in to Agrello

When you have added the Agrello app to your Zap and chosen the trigger or action, you are prompted to Sign in to your Agrello account.
Click on the Sign in to Agrello button and the small window opens.
Now, enter your email. Agrello will check whether your account has mobile 2FA enabled or you use the one-time sign-in passcodes sent over email.

Sign in using email one-time codes

After you have entered your email and your account does not have mobile-based authentication, you need to check your inbox for the email we sent you for a one-time code.
Grab confirmation code from you email
You need to copy-paste it here:
Email Validation

Sign in using Agrello mobile app

If you already have the Agrello mobile app installed and set up, then you should see this screen:
Confirm code

Creating new account

If you don't have an Agrello account you can create one and we email you the one-time passcode.

Granting permissions

We will ask you to grant access to your account and pass it to Zapier so you can enjoy all features of integration.
Read more about Agrello's account creation and management from here: