Google Sheets to Agrello

Google spreadsheet Row will create a new document with filled in data

Before you start

Make sure you have all the necessary files to work with:
  1. 1.
    Spreadsheet prepared (with header similar to variables in your contract)
  2. 2.
    A Word (DOCX) document with variables is created (example files here) and uploaded to Agrello as a template.
Step 1
Prepare your Google Sheet with table columns providing the data you want to be added to the document in Agrello.
Create Spreadsheet file in Google
Table with header that represents variables
Step 2.
Create a Word file and upload it to Agrello as a template.
if using Google Docs go to File > Download > Microsoft Word

Setting up Google Spreadsheet trigger

Step 1.
Choose Google Spreadsheets from App selection
Step 2.
Select Trigger (New Spreadsheet Row)
Start from choosing Google Spreadsheet
Step 3.
Connect Google Account
Step 4.
Select Spreadsheet file to work with
NB! Create at least one line in the table after header so Zapier tests can work. Also note if you have e-mail field its better to fill in with test data at first also.
Step 5.
Test new row creation

Setting up Agrello action

Step 1.
Choose Agrello app as an action
Step 2.
Select Event (Create New Document From a Template)
Step 3.
Step 4.
Configure the action.
Start by selecting the template you previously uploaded.
Based on the fields in the template the additional configuration fields are displayed. In this example you can add Agreement Start Date, Party A full name, address etc.
Step 5.
Once you have completed the configuration you need to test Zapier flow.
If the test is successful you should see the new document created in Agrello, using the template file you chose filled with the data from your spreadsheet.
Step 6.
If the test is successful you can activate Zap


Error when testing

This can be a result that some data is missing. Check if fields where email is needed are not empty.

Fixing no data with variables

  1. 1.
    Update spreadsheet with test data
  2. 2.
    Update test data on your initial ZAP ( latest Row updates)

Signature error

Check signers fields
To solve this just make sure that signature fields have same emails as signer fields

Help files

NDA table.xlsx
Table structure
NDA example document.docx
Docx with variables and 2 signature fields