Pipedrive to Agrello

Send data from Pipedrive to Agrello by connecting them with Zapier.

Before you start

  1. 1.
    Make sure you have a working account in:
3. Have a designated Space Created (optional, but recommended)

Setting up the Zap

Step 1.

Once you have logged into Zapier, you are welcomed by a screen as seen below. Since this automatisation is focusing on workflow, which sends data from Pipedrive to Agrello, select Pipedrive as the first one and Agrello as the second one.

Step 2. Select a trigger

Now you need to select the trigger and action in a form like “When this happens” → “Then do this”.
There are many actions that can trigger the creation of documents in Agrello, but for this example, we are choosing the one “Updated Deal stage”.
For Agrello we select “Create New Document From a template”

Step 3. Connect the apps

As for next, you should see a screen like this:
Connecting the apps is a pretty straightforward process.
One thing to notice while connecting Pipedrive is the screen where you have to pick the stage in Pipedrive.

Step 4. Pick a template

As the next step, you need to pick a template that you want to use in this automated workflow.

Step 5. Choose a space

As for the next step, we recommend using a designated space for documents. This will help you stay organised and manage the access easier.

Step 6. Choose fields

In this step, you need to pick which fields in the template you would like to fill in with the data from Pipedrive.
As for this example, we have left a couple of fields unchecked, e.g. viewers, since we will be the one to create and sign the documents ourselves. In case you need to add additional viewers as part of automated workflow, check that box.

Step 7. Map the fields

Now we need to map the fields. Fields defined in the template will be base. While clicking on the fields, it prompts a popup with Pipedrive data points. Select the ones that are right for you.
Since there are a lot of data points, reserve yourself some testing time to get everything correct.

Step 8. Test

Once you have mapped the fields, you can proceed to preview. If everything checks out, click “Send Test”. Now you should see a new document in Agrello, created based on the sample data presented in Zapier.